The legend goes, that when asked why he wanted to climb Everest, climber George Mallory said "because it is there."  I actually created this poster to remind me that I don't need a really compelling professional reason to want to do hard things.   Sometimes the reason you want to study something, or make some progress in an area, is because you haven't done it before, and it represents a compelling challenge.

Data, Parity, Stop references early, pre-internet technology.  What can you assert about people born in the late 70's who were on networks 10 or 15 years before their peers?

UUDECODE another inside joke about pre-internet social media.

Tomo Fujita's advice on learning: Tomo Fujita is a Berklee School of Music professor in Boston, MA, as well as a performing musician.


3D Visualization

If you are considering an architectural or other design change, and want to pre-visualize it before committing, I can help.