Photo by Sam Abrams

Photo by Sam Abrams

Sam Halperin |

I am a creative and technical maker, currently living on Long Beach Island, NJ, and a 20 year survivor of Type 1 Bipolar Disorder.

Fun facts about me: as a teenager I won the US Rowing National Championships and US Olympic Festival with my partner in the double sculls… As an undergrad at uni, I worked in the photo darkroom a lot, before settling on art projects that were generated by computer code… . I once spent 8 months studying boat design in Maine…

I’m naturally oriented towards intellectual curiosity, and personal growth. I am weird and get a kick out of making unit tests pass.

I have a hard earned MS Computer Science from Nova Southeastern University, and a BA Art from the University of Pennsylvania.

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Please read my piece: “Stigma isn’t fought in whispered conversations with family, it’s fought on professional blogs, at conferences, and in fair, up-front hiring discussions”, if you have curiosity about mental health disorders or my decision to be public about mine.