Here is a reasonably complete portfolio of work from the past few years.  I've been mainly focused on B-Corps, and Nonprofits, Native Android, and VR.

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The Evesham Space (Architectural Visualization - WebGL)

This is a living-space visualization done in Unity for the web browser and for PC-VR.  I had just finished a Unity certification, and wanted a capstone project.

Locust Street (Architectural Visualization - WebGL)

This is a second living-space visualization done in Unity for web browser and for PC-VR.

Virtual Reality Exergaming - Graduate Research

My main project while at Nova Southeastern University.  This wired up a bicycle sensor to VR goggles.


Android Demo Reel (2022)

I cut together a bunch of screencasts of various Android projects.

Pour Judgement Craft Shot Bar, Android Loyalty App

This project was done right on the cusp of the pandemic, and represents a shot-menu for a boutique hospitality establishment.

Philly Bike Share Map - Android

This project was built with an open Bike Share API.  It includes some advanced map-niceties like clustering.

OpenTreeMap - Android Urban Forestry App

My work on OTM's Android app allowed Azavea to fulfill a handful of municipal contracts that where waiting on the Android implementation to complete.  This is a map-based app that talks to a Python backend.

UI Study - 10% Happier

Great artists steal, no?  A great way to build UI chops is to disect, sketch, and ultimately clone good UI found in other apps.  This was an indie study I did while living in Israel, and wasn't for any particular sponsor.

Android Advanced Graphing - Graduate Research

A secondary project at Nova that looked at some more advanced custom graphing techniques on Android.  Most people use graphing libraries which can be inflexible.  Being able to make custom 2D graphics is useful.


Web Map Services - Android GIS Library

 The core of the OpenTreeMap Android implementation was a small piece of GIS code that translated formats and displayed map tiles in Android.  The video here is from Google Developers Live demo-ing the feature.

TEDx Philadelphia, "The City"

Two algorithmic projets, called "Red Noise Mosaic", and "City" where featured in the conferences printed collateral.


The Benefit Bank - Financial Web App for Solutions for Progress

Blink and 8 years of your life will go by.  This was a large web app that helped people with low and moderate income apply for benefits.

Strength Through Insight - Prostate Cancer Study - Jefferson Health

I built the analytics tech for this published prostate cancer study. 

Stanford University Custom Map Maker

I was one of the developers on this GIS mapping project for Stanford.  It allowed students, faculty, and staff to create custom maps for events.

US Army Corp of Engineers - WISDM

I developed some significant parts of the UI for this governmental water resource mapping app.