Sam Halperin
code and design, not one and not two.
Discovering Community Arts in Philadelphia

A drawing class at the Fleisher Art Memorial in Philadelphia helped re-connect to the creation of visual media by hand.

tools: Samsung Note 10.1, Autodesk Sketchbook

July 2014

Looping animation of virtual reality bicycle application.
Virtual Reality Bike Ride

A simple reed switch based circuit was used to track pedal cadence on a stationary bike. This data was fed into Unity Game Engine and viewed on an Oculus Rift.

tools: Unity, C#, Arduino, Oculus Rift

March 2014

Showing a genetic algorithm graphic displayed in the Unity Game Engine editor.
Genetic Algorithm Visualization

Being able to literally "stand" at the mean in a dataset, and look around as the computation evolves is a profoundly game-changing experience. Here, evolutionary programming was used as a means to explore first-person, immersive visualization.

tools: Unity, C#, Oculus Rift, Java

February 2014

Icon for playable audio file.
Composition for Genetic Algorithm and Guitar

The expression of creativity in art and music as mediated by a computer program, is perhaps the highest ideal that we can aspire to in computation and engineering. Here an evolutionary algorithm was used to make a piano score.

tools: Java

October 2013

Google Maps Garage title screen.
WMS (Web Map Services) On Android

One of the first WMS implementations for Android, this code puts map tiles from GeoServer onto an Android App.

tools: Java, Android, Google Maps API

January 2013