Sam Halperin

Sam Halperin

Computer Science PhD Student

Nova Southeastern University, Graduate School of Computer Information Sciences


Recent Projects

Standing at the Mean

Appearing in the Brandeis GPS Blog, and detailing 3 recent immersive technology / virtual reality experiments.

July 2014

Virtual Reality Bike Ride

A sensor attached to an exercise bike drives a VR video game demo.

March 2014

VR Visualization Pipeline

A look into the future of consumer virtual reality, where there will be a direct pipeline from easy to use modeling software into immersive 3D.

February 2014

Web Map Services (WMS) On Android

This is a building block for a larger mapping application, and allows smartphones to display maps from a popular open source map server.

With Azavea / Open Source

January 2013

PhillyTreeMap Android

PhillyTreeMap provides an easy-to-use public inventorying platform that enables individuals, organizations, and governments to search and contribute to a collaborative, interactive, and dynamic map of Philadelphia's tree population.

With Azavea


Composition for Genetic Algorithm and Guitar

A computer generated piano score was combined with guitar improvisation.

October 2013