Sam Halperin
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Design Visualization

Visualizations of buildings and boats. Currently this is a portfolio of designs to be built, but I have an interest in historical structures as well.

Architecture and History

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Mapping projects in urban forestry and water management.

Mindful Use of Resources

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Connecting people in need with resources.

Augmenting Human Engagement

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Exploring ways that technology might provide solutions for obesity to go along with the sedentary work and play that it causes.

One Facet of a Solution

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R & D

General technology solutions, or solutions applicable to multiple domains.

Curiosity Driven

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Generative Art & Music

Sound and visuals generated with computer code.

Computational Creativity

In breath. Out breath. Write code.

Mindful, curiosity driven technical exploration. Whatever your budget, if you are doing good works, don't hesitate to get in touch.

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More Code on GitHub

Web Map Service (WMS) on Android OpenTreeMap - Android VR Bike Ride - Unity GrubGreat - Python

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