Solving problems in fitness, design, and ecology, with a focus on Philadelphia.

Philly Bike Share Map
The new Indego bike share system in Philly is awesome, but didn't have a good Android status map. Necessity is the mother of invention!

OpenTreeMap Android (w/ @Azavea)
OpenTreeMap enables individuals, governments, neighborhood organizations, and other groups to collaborate in mapping and exploring the urban forest...

Society Hill Towers Architectural Visualization (prototype)
Society Hill Towers is a 1960s design by architect I.M. Pei at 2nd and Locust streets in Philadelphia. It is a good example of the 'brutalist' style, a term that belies the warmth and humanity of the living experience.

Virtual Reality Bike Ride (prototype)
The vision is that you could recreate some of sensory stimulation, social interaction, and coaching of a good school team, in a gym-based social VR experience for busy adults.

R E C E N T   P O S T S

Computer Graphics as a Context for Learning and Teaching Computer Science

Reflections and a discussion of recent literature.
Upcoming talk at FOSSCON 2015, August 22nd, Philadelphia!

Heuristic Evaluation of Modern VR Experiences

Design and usability evaluation guidelines for VR.

Exploring Bicycle-Based Virtual Reality Exergames as a Design Space

Discovering 'design science' as a research mode.

Exploring Smartphone Applications in Virtual Context

An idea for improving the discourse around physical context (eg hospital, car, restaurant ...etc) during the development process of location based applications.

Standing at the Mean

A writeup of recent VR experiments re-posted from the Brandeis GPS blog.